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Superbike Loans help many new and current riders finance 125 motorbikes.  We really know what we are doing and have the right finance lenders in place to get the right deal for you.  We can look at Zero deposit and up to 5 year loan terms to help spread the cost.  Our trained advisors will be more than happy to help you locate the right bike for you and can point you in the right direction with regards your CBT licence too!



125cc Motorbikes- All you Need to Know

If you are young and want to get into motorbikes, the 125cc segment is probably the best place to start. It is also the best alternative to scooters and mopeds, which can be quite drab. If you are a parent whose kid is pestering you about a motorcycle, look no further from the 125cc segment. They are entry level bikes that are fast enough to satiate your child’s thirst for speed, yet slow enough to help you keep your peace of mind intact.

The 125cc motorcycle

The 125cc segment is filled with neat little bikes that are really good value for money. They can be used not just for fun on the weekends, but also as a viable mode of daily commute. 125 bikes have the advantage of looking the part and also allowing you to use all of its performance all of the time. With a full blown sports bike, they look imposing, yes, but in a traffic jam, they can be easily be minced by a 125 as you don’t really need to hold back. Let’s face facts here, you are likely going to be in traffic more often than in a track, so why waste all that fuel idling a 700cc monster?


A snippet of 125 bikes that you can buy today…

Aprillia RS4 125

The sportiest, meanest, and fastest 125 in the market, it is a true baby racer. It looks like an Aprilia and rides like one. Do not underestimate this bike, it has some serious racing pedigree. The sportiest, meanest, and fastest 125 in the market, it is a true baby racer. It looks like an Aprilia and rides like one. Do not underestimate this bike, it has some serious racing pedigree. You can find cheaper 125s on the market but none of them quite match up to prowess of the RS4 125. The light weight of this bike gives it excellent handling, allowing you to flick it from left to right with no trouble, all in all this makes for an excellent little bike with looks as well as practicality perfect for a first time biker!

Suzuki Van Van

The Van Van is a bit of a toy, a bit of a joke, with its balloon tyres and 70’s sand bike looks. There are, however, few bikes that give the rider so much joy. From farmers to sports teams and recreational bikers it’s a universally loved bike and it’s not hard to tell why with its quirky retro style and smooth, stable ride. It might not be a spectacular bike but you can’t really go wrong with the Van Van with simple basic brakes, suspension and s moderate amount of power behind it. You need to be made of stone if this bike doesn’t put a smile on your face!

Yamaha YZF-R125

The best looking 125 by far, it is also a full sized R series bike, almost as big as the R6, and looking just as good, it is perfect for tall users. It looks wildly imposing and can pass off as a much bigger capacity bike to the untrained onlooker. Not only does it look cool you get a lot of bang for your buck, open the throttle all the way and you can hit 80mph which for a 125 isn’t too shabby. Its design means you can throw the bike around back roads all day long and also get a smooth steady ride on city streets. The R125 is a great next step up from a 125 if you prefer a sporty look and feel as opposed to a retro one.

Lexmoto Adrenaline

The Lexmoto brand has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years. As a brand they are now up there with the likes of Suzuki and Yamaha when it comes to new registrations. The Lexmoto Adrenaline is one of the most popular and a favourite of Superbike Loans when it comes to finance for a 125 motorbike. This model (Previously known as a Pulse Adrenaline) is the most successful Chinese motorcycle to ever be sold in the UK, and is fitted with a 4 stroke air cooled 125 Suzuki designed engine to give it that extra kick.

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX (Mini Street Extreme) is a confusing bike. Do not be fooled by its size and proportions, it is a capable two wheeler that can be used as a daily driver and give the rider hours of fun. The looks are striking and edgy, so if you don’t like it, you can always go for the three or four other Honda offerings in this segment. Bullet proof reliability is still Honda’s strongest selling point. The MSX125 embraces the spirit of Honda’s old school street fighters complete with sport styled tyres, upside down forks and a digital dash. There isn’t a 125 quite like the MSX125n it’s an individual bike with a lot of spunk and personality you can’t really find in any other small capacity bikes.

Honda CBR 125

One of the favourites with novice riders is the CBR 125, another gem of a small capacity bike from Honda it is the go to beginner sport bike with all the best attributes of the larger CBR600. This sporty looking learner is easy to ride, comfortable and offer great fuel economy. Although it doesn’t look as sharp as the YZFR125 it still carries off the big bike look extremely well! In recent years the CBR125 has had changes made to improve the ride quality drastically from the suspension to the seat and the wheel sizes as well as smoother breaking. This all comes together to make one of the most popular 125s on the market.

KTM 125 Duke

Last but not least is the learner friendly yet ultra-cool KTM 125 Duke a light nimble multi-purpose bike that isn’t like other budget 125s rides like a premium machine. The ride quality is great it combines the ergonomics of a big bike and the light weight of a small capacity to give you a nimble and swift bike. Unlike a few others on this list this isn’t just a good learner bike it’s brilliant machine that any biker can appreciate, this Indian built, Austrian designed 125 is a great all-round bike.


You will need to be 17 years of age and hold an A1 licence to ride a 125cc motorcycle. It is a basic licence that will let you ride all 125cc motorbikes. To get this A1 license, you need to clear the CBT, a written theory test as well as a practical test on the road. If you have a category A licence, you can ride all 125 class bikes.

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