Dan Frodsham - Sales Director & Co-founder

Years of Experience

I have more than 18 years of experience within the financial sector. My roles have specifically involved working in the Consumer Finance space, including mortgages, personal loans, insurance, and debt management. I have been at Superbike Loans for nine years.

Daily Role at Superbike Loans

I oversee and control all departments within Superbike Loans, and look after strategic planning. My role also involves liaising with existing lenders, and bringing new lenders to market. I also look after the development work on Superbike Loans’ in-house CRM system, as well as implementing and refining our sales processes.

How Many Loans Do You Handle?

It can vary greatly, but on average, I handle around 20,000 motorbike finance loans applications each year. 

What’s Your Favourite Part of the Role?

Superbike Loans was created to give consumers and motorbike dealerships a variety of convenient financing options in a vastly underserved market. Throughout my years here, I’ve brought new lenders to market that didn’t finance motorbikes in the past, and helped develop their lending criteria, which has ultimately benefited motorbike purchases as a whole. I’m extremely proud that Superbike Loans has become a market leader in this field, and that we are now the ‘go-to’ firm for anything related to motorbike financing.