South of England Classic Motorcycle Show & Jumble

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If you want to witness something special, you should head to the South of England Classic Motorcycle Show & Jumble on 28th October, 2018. The event will take place in the South of England Showground, in West Sussex. The reason why this event will be a one of a kind experience is due to the celebration of Associated Motor Cycles (AMC), which has been around for 0 years. Since 1938, AMC has been responsible for producing numerous motorcycles. One of their most famous works is the Nortons, which they started producing in 1963. Autojumble One of the largest events of the show, you should head to the autojumble if you are looking for parts for your motorcycle. In the autojumble, you will find accessories, clothing, bikes, used and new spare parts. The event covers more than four halls worth of space, so make sure you are there early to make the most of the autojumble. If you want to set up a small stall, where you want to sell parts of clear out your garage or shed, you should get in touch with the organisers. Keep in mind that this isn’t available for traders who do business on a regular basis. Display The hottest event of the show is none other than the South of England Classic Motorcycle Show, which attracts a large number of motorbike enthusiasts. For this year, you will find motorcycles covering space worth five halls. On display will be motorbikes built before 1980, along with machines from clubs and individual owners. At present, the organisers have gotten the Matchless Seeley G50, 1971 Seeley 850cc Norton Commando Mk3, and Suzuki TR500 with a tubular frame to name a few. If you want to dynotest your motorbike, you should bring it to the show. You can get it done for free and you don’t need a booking for this service. Special guests The legendary Colin Seeley, one of the most popular frame-builders in the industry will be at the show as the guest of honour. Along with him, there will be other ex-AMC employees, will be present to answer all types of questions you can throw at them. For those who don’t know about Colin Seeley, he is one of the most iconic frame designers in the industry. Due to his designs, not many machines in the world could keep up with the performance of his motorbikes. Joining Colin Seeley will be Classic Bike magazine’s former editor, Brain Crichton. He will host the Q&A session with the ex-AMC employees and Colin Seeley. Make sure that you are present at this event, as you will get a lot of information regarding the Matchless and AJS motorcycles. Additional information You can start entering the South of England Classic Motorcycle Show & Jumble after 10 a.m. For individuals between the ages of 16 and 65, the ticket price is £6. It is £5 for those over the age of 65, while children under the age of 16 can walk in for free.