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Is your Next Motorbike Going to be a Cruiser?

While sports bikes have a certain urgency about themselves with speed and accuracy, they often forgo comfort in the name of thrills. While you can get from point A to B really quickly, increase the distance and you are left with cramps all over your body. Cruisers are known to be a lot less accurate at hitting the apexes of bends, but are great to ride the vast open roads with heavy, low riding motor bikes that you can go for days on, touring entire countries with relative ease. While there tourers that act as crossovers between sports bikes and cruisers, the charm of a true blue cruiser is still something many can identify with.



What is a cruiser?

A cruiser is a style of motorbike that was made famous by the Americans. Their laid back style, large engines and easy going demeanour translated to motorbikes that embodied all of those attributes perfectly. The ideal cruiser has the rider either sat upright or bent slightly backward, arms stretched out and legs in front of the body as opposed to tucked behind. There is no space for aerodynamic efficiency here.

The engines of cruisers are also typically large V-twins, but single cylinder engines are also found in smaller bikes. Heavy on low end torque, they are perfect for ambling around and maintaining a steady pace than short bursts of speed. Cruisers are made to take on long roads without straining your body, so high speeds are possible, but really not the point.


Popular cruisers in the market

There is ample choice depending on what you really want in your bike. You can get smaller cruisers within 500cc that are perfect for long weekend rides as well as daily commutes, or get massive litre class cruisers that can take you from Scotland to Wales without breaking a sweat. Here are a few brands that you might want to consider if you are looking for your next cruiser.

  • Indian
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Henderson
  • British
  • BSA
  • Triumph
  • Chinese
  • Hyosung
  • European
  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Benelli
  • Indian
  • Royal Enfield
  • Japanese
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha

Amongst all the cruisers mentioned, however, Harley-Davidson is often quoted as the best. It is brand that added a certain cool factor to cruising and they have a wide range of models to choose from. That being said, the other brands mentioned are not to be ignored. They are all worthy in their own right and are bikes made with care and passion.


What about licences?

Since most cruisers exceed the 500cc and for the most part exceed the 46 bhp mark set by the government, you will need to be over 21 years of age and hold a category A unrestricted motorcycle license to ride a cruiser. If you are less than 21 years of age, you can still ride small cruisers that are 125cc at 17 years and up to 500cc at 19 years.

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