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Honda have been pioneering motorbike production since 1947.

A lot has changed since then but not their ability to innovate.

So, you’re a big fan of Honda Motorcycles? Well, that’s great. It means you have great taste. But, you aren’t a true Honda loyalist until you’ve actually done up some reading on how Honda motorcycles came into existence. So, in case, you’re a little late, here’s a crash course with all the key facts.
Way back in 1948 when Soichiro Honda established Honda Motor Co., with 1 million yen. It wasn’t until 1949 that the first complete motorcycle, with both the frame and engine was made by Honda. It was called the Dream this motorcycle was unique in that it had a motor and a frame designed by Honda himself. It didn’t take too long for the machine to become a success and soon enough, it even paved the way for a successor. Over the next 20 years Honda grew to become the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles by 1964.

In 1952, Honda came out with the Cub, which is probably one of the best machines till date to be produced by the company. It was a simple ½ horsepower motorcycle with a 50cc 2-stroke engine. Its utilitarian appeal made it a hit and Honda started rolling out around 6500 units every year.

In fact, the revenue earned through the Cub is what established Honda’s future in stone.

Of course, the resources earned were put to good use and by 1953; Honda came out with another stellar machine called the “Benly”. The Benly was a motorcycle powered by a 3.8 horsepower engine that was controlled via a 3-speed gearbox.

Its frame was made from pressed steel while the rear suspension, which was placed over a spring pivot, housed the engine. There was also a swinging arm over the spring pivot.
As for the front suspension, it was telescopic.

In 1958, Honda created the C100 Super Club and introduced it to the American market. This was the first Honda motorcycle to retail in the US and not so surprisingly, went on to become a hot seller. Eventually, it became the best-selling motorcycle in the world with 30 million units sold so far.

With money being generated through the sales of the C100, Honda entered the world of racing. Naturally, the company’s stupendous research and engineering led to a victory in 1961 at the Isle of Man. This encouraged the brand to experiment with larger bikes.

In the year 1968 Honda unveiled the 750cc bike with four cylinders called CB750F. A year later, Honda introduced the CB750 which had the best acceleration of all bike at that time, reaching speeds of 120 mph.

As for the 1970's, Honda continued making affordable but reliable bikes and the most notable models of the 70s are CB350F, XR75, CB750A (the first modern motorcycle with an automatic transmission).

So if you've looking to finance you dream Honda bike, don't worry – take the time to contact us today and let us help you. Click 'Apply Now' and take the first step towards securing your motorbike finance.