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Motocross bikes, or dirt bikes are not for everyone. They are small, light, and powerful and are tuned for sudden bursts of power and require a lot of training to master.

The range of dirt bikes go from small 50cc engines all the way to over 400cc models that are used professionally. While nothing is stopping you from purchasing any of these bikes, do note that they are all built for dirt tracks and might not be suitable for city riding. They are quite useless on paved roads.



Some motocross bikes available in the UK…


Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

The Multistrada is one of the few motocross bikes that are genuinely usable on the road as a tourer as well as an off-roader. The 1198cc bike that outputs 160bhp that is quite large. Not something you would picture with the term motocross, it is also handsome and really striking to look at.



A true blue off roader that has handling and cornering capabilities to match, it sits between the well known KTM series 250 and 450 taking the best attributes from both of them. KTM engines are well known for their power and performance, this one with their tuned up 350cc motor puts out 46bhp.


Suzuki RMX 450Z

A mild mannered trail bike, this version of the motocross series from Suzuki is known to be quite adept at ripping through dirt tracks. Not as fast and powerful to be considered a competition ready motorbike, but enough to keep you smiling. It has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a modern motorbike, so it is also not too hard to own.


Honda CRF450RX

Honda has exceptional bikes in every category and the motocross segment has a few Hondas that we really like. Honda is calling this one an off-road racer and it is. Designed for quick and agile manoeuvrability, the 450cc engine is powerful enough to let you take dirt tracks quite easily.

Before you buy a motocross bike make sure you are aware of what kind of engine you want. There are 2 strokes and 4 stroke options. 2 stroke engines are light, peppy, and give you initial boosts that make them really fun, but are not for first time riders. 4 strokes are more efficient and have better grunt, but are heavy and weight the bike down. The main advantage with 4 stroke engines is that they are a lot more reliable than 2 strokes and typically last longer and can easily take a beating.



In the UK, you need to have an A2 or a fully unrestricted A licence to ride a motocross bike. Most of the bikes are well over 125cc and have power outputs and top speeds that are over what is permitted with A1 licences.
Superbike Loans can look to finance road legal and non-road legal enduro / motorcross bikes.

The bike we’re focusing on here is the enduro bike, as the name states enduros are made for endurance whether that be in endurance racing or tackling the most harsh of terrain, so what sets and enduro bike apart from say a motocrosser or a trails bike?  Well first of all here’s a bit of history on the enduro:

The 1913 International Six Day Trial in Carlise, England is where we first saw bikes made specifically for endurance,  now known as the International Six Days Enduro the ISDT required a rider and their bike to endure 6 days and 800miles of endurance competition with parts and repairs limited to the rider and what they bring with them.  In the 1970s the popularity of enduro bikes began to spread and classic enduro bikes such as the Suzuki PE175 were introduced and that popularity has only grown over the years creating huge events across Australia, Chile, the USA and the UK.


What Makes a Motorbike an Enduro Bike and not a Crosser? 

While enduros are very similar to motocross bikes there are some differences to mention. Motocross bikes are made for racing on a track and doing stunts so they are not designed to endure long periods of riding over different terrains, while enduro bikes can take on most terrain over a longer period of time and tend to need more repair work. Typically motocross bikes are lighter, have tuned suspension, are snappy on the throttle and have very close gears, an enduro on the other hand will be quite heavy due to the addition of lights and a more beefy, strong frame and designed for trails with trail tuned suspension.

Basically, you could ride an Enduro on a motocross track (granted you won’t be winning any competitions) but you’d be hard pressed to get a motocrosser around and endurance race in one piece!

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