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Sports Motorbike Finance & Loans

Superbike Loans love Sport Bikes!  So much so we have put together some basic information on them to help you understand the best bike choice for you.


What You Need To Know About Riding Sport Motorbikes In The UK

So you are tired of driving around in your car everywhere you go and are not willing to put down too much money on a second sports car. You also always loved riding around on your little scooter from place to place when you were younger, but then eventually grew out of it. Now that you’ve come to a bit of money and would like to regain the fun on the road, so you are thinking of getting a proper sport bike.


What is a sport bike?

While there are no hard and fast rules that define sport bikes, the general idea is that they are built for speed, acceleration, cornering and braking. The founder of Honda- Soichiro Honda in his manual for the 1959 CB92 said that the ‘primary essentials… are the speed and the thrill’. Categorisations for sport bikes are varied and are based entirely on the country’s jurisdictions. For the most part, sport bikes fall under three classes.


Lightweight– Motorbikes up to 500cc

Middleweight– Engine displacement between 500 and 750cc

Superbikes– Called litre class- ranging from 1000cc and above



What brands are in the market?

When it comes to sport bikes, you have two clear options- European bikes and Japanese bikes. The Big Three Euro brands are Ducati, Benelli, and Aprilia. The Big Four Japanese bike makers are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. The European brands are obviously going to be a lot more expensive to own, ride, and maintain, but they give you a level of finesse that can only be gotten from an Italian maker. For what its worth, we think they look classier as well. Other European sport bike makers like KTM, Augusta, and BMW should also be considered.

If it is value for money and reliability you are after, look no further from the Japanese brands. They have proven time and again that fun need not be expensive and that fun can be safe and reliable. They look futuristic, the engineering is bulletproof and the bikes will serve you forever.


What about licences?

In the UK, there are 4 types of licences that you must have to ride a motorcycle. Depending on age and type of motorbike you choose, you must have the following licences.


Category  Vehicle class/ type  Age
AM Mopeds/trikes/quadricycles up to 50cc, with a top speed not ecxeeding 45km/hr. 16
A1 Motorbikes up to an engine output of 125cc 17
A2 Motorbikes with engine output of not more than 500cc and 46 bhp. 19
A Unrestricted motorcycle licence 21+


While riding a motorbike is addictive and the bikes are capable of high speeds, there are certain safety concerns that you must keep in mind before you head out to the road. Helmets, and other riding gear is not an option, you must have them on at all times. Take up advanced riding classes to fine tune your skills before taking long road trips. Also, join a local biking club, it is a lot of fun riding with a group of people.


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