Bexhill Moto Fest

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Located on the southern coast of United Kingdom, Bexhill on Sea was Edwardian petrol head’s paradise for cars and motorbikes during 1902 to 1924. People drove their vehicles by the seafront during various sprint races. The 8th Earl of De La Warr, Gilbert Sackville, a petrol head and local landowner in Bexhill, introduce motor racing after witnessing its success in Southern France. In no time, Bexhill became the birthplace and hub for Edwardian petrol heads from all over the world. Vast sums of money were invested in building incredible buildings like the Sackville Hotel and De La Warr Pavilion. Although the speed trials were dominated by cars, motorbikes thrilled and stimulated the vicar and local Canon, Basil Davies in Bexhill’s heart. Bexhill Moto Fest conducted every year since 2013, builds and maintains the legacy of Bexhill on Sea, by delivering a unique and distinct contribution to motorsport culture. For 2017, Bexhill Moto Fest will be held on 30th of July. Throughout this beautiful day, there will be a great number of events in Bexhill Moto Fest. Stunted Reality, movie motorcycle stunt team and Moto-Stunts International will be showcasing their skills in incredible stunt shows throughout the day. During this day, Zona Italia will be displaying everything Italian such as biking gear, motorbikes and food. 1066 Chapter based in England will also be present in the Bexhill Moto Fest. During this day, everyone has access to the Trackday Race Zone and the Dynotest. The dynotest shows how much one can get out of their present motorcycles. However, this happens to be one of the most visited events during the fest, so it is advisable to pre-book to get a slot. Red Hot Racing will also be setting up shop in the Bexhill Moto Fest and put up all motorcycle performance accessories and parts for racing and road. The Bexhill Moto Fest has a lot more in store than just events related to motorcycles. In fact, it is a brilliant day for free live music. 62 Stone, a heavyweight rock n roll band will get Bexhill Moto Fest started by playing some great music. Stoned, one of the best South East cover bands for Rolling Stones will be headlining the act at in the evening. The Kavemen, a cover band for Rock n Indie music will be there in the Bexhill Moto Fest, showing people how bands should play such music during a Sunday in summer. The former contestant of X Factor, Hannah Bradbeer will be on stage around afternoon to get the Bexhill Moto Fest going after a heavy lunch. The Club at the Waterfront will be unveiling a mysterious group of special guests and super members. For the lunch hour, Something Else will be playing some great music that everyone will enjoy. The Bexhill Moto Fest can be accessed easily by motorcycles, cycles, bus, and train. People who like camping will love the Bexhill Moto Fest as it is possible during the weekend. Do visit the Bexhill Moto Fest on 31st of July, 2017 to get a taste of the British motorcycling tradition.