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BMAD Bike Festival

The BMAD Bike Festival is known for its cool bikes, music shows, and many associated events. If you love bikes, this is the event you just need to attend. Read on to find out more about this event.

The BMAD Bike Festival is known for its cool bikes, music shows, and many associated events. If you love bikes, this is the event you just need to attend.

Even if you are not familiar with bikes, the festival will introduce you to the thrills that bikes can induce. The bike festival is just a little over 15 years old, but it has garnered a lot of fans in these years.

It was first organised for the benefit of people who loved everything about bikes, in the Devon region. The festival also aims to give some of the proceeds to charity. If you want to achieve many milestones while gaining a ringside view of some of the best bikes in the region, this is the place to be.

The festival is ideal for people who want to mingle with crowds who love entertainment and bikes. You will find like-minded friends and can share tips and information with them. And if you are a participant, here is your chance to show off your skills, your beloved bike, and also win a cool £1,000 prize or a consolation award. To top it all is the location; the seaside at Paignton comes alive with crowds milling here annually.

Your Type of Bikes

    People have diverse tastes in bikes. Some people like the vintage stuff. Others are more into contemporary, trendy machines. There are people who love the rugged, speedster type bikes. And others want bikes to be light as a feather and speedy on difficult roads. Or, there are bikes that can be customised, so that you have something that no one else has. Whatever your preferences, the bike show at the festival will have something to match your needs.

    The bike show is divided into different classes. If you are a participant, you can enter your bike as a sports, vintage, custom, combination type bike. First, the best bike from each category is selected. Then, a bike is selected from among these bikes and declared the winner of the show. The prize money is great, so there should be no reason not to participate.


      While bikes might not be reason enough for you to participate or attend, there are other things to motivate you. First is the music. There will be bands performing here, so this is the right time for you to ensure that you can be there on time and get a good front seat view. The two stages will have plenty of high-energy music performances. There are nominal charges for attendees who are not participants in the bike show. The event also promotes the local spirits along with beer and ale. There is plenty of cider and ale along with other drinks available, from brands such as Brother Rabbit, Old Thumper, and Windjammer; as well as Mounts Bay Scrumpy and Malvern Gold.

      Since the festival has grown massively in the recent years, people have been coming from far-off locations. There are inns nearby that can accommodate the visitors as it is worth your while to check out everything the festival has on offer.

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