Brackley Festival of Motorcycling

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Brackley Festival of Motorcycling In 2008, the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling was born, after hours of hard work, support, and enthusiasm. Since that time, it has gone on to become one of the biggest and most popular motorbiking events England sees. The main aim of Brackley Festival of Motorcycling is to raise money for Warks and Northants Air Ambulance. They also donate their proceeds to other local charities every year. The atmosphere created by the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling will always leave you wanting for more. Let’s take a look at all the events that will be taking place in the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling on 12th August 2018. Custom Village Twisted Iron and Sickboyz Customs are coming together to host this year’s Custom Village. For the past four years, Twisted Iron has been hosting ‘The Happening,’ a popular show for custom motorbikes. Sickboyz Customs are known for their award-winning custom motorbikes. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and cake while you look at their incredible collection of custom motorbikes. Josie and The Outlaw Josie and The Outlaw will be one of the entertainments for the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. Along with Danny Baker, Lee Brown, Nick Baker, and Josie Baker, the band will be playing tracks to the tune of 1950s R&B, Rock n Roll, and Blues. The High Street Every year, the most awaited event of the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling is none other than The High Street. You get the opportunity to witness some of the best motorbike beasts in the world. For this year, you will get to see a variety of custom, modern, and two-stroke GP motorbikes. Voodoo Club Jonny Edwards, Shari Bryan, and Mark Bryan came together in February 2012, to form the Voodoo Club. They are known for their music in the genres of Garage Rock, Punk, Surf Music, and New Wave. Coupled with the 1970s rock, you will enjoy listening to their music as you look at all the exhibits. Wall of Death Brought to you by the Fox Family, the Wall of Death is one of the most exciting events for this year. The Fox Family will be performing a handful of death-defying stunts with skill and speed. You must be there to witness the family’s talent as it is beyond your imagination. Wilson’s Amusements Brackley Festival of Motorcycling is for the entire family as Wilson’s Amusements will be setting shop. With a variety of amusement rides, it will keep your children entertained throughout the day, leaving you free to take a closer look at all the motorbikes. Ticket Price To attend the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, you will need to pay a cover charge of £7.50. Keep in mind that everything the organisers earn through this event will be going to charity. In the 2016 edition of Brackley Festival of Motorcycling, the blood bikers got a Yamaha FJR as the organisers raised enough money. The air ambulance got more than £100,000 because of the efforts of the organisers!