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Llangollen Motorcycle Festival

The modern iteration of the Llangollen Motorcycle Festival was first conceived in October, 2014 by the new Llangollen Bikefest team. Read on for more info on this event.

The modern iteration of the Llangollen Motorcycle Festival was first conceived in October, 2014 by the new Llangollen Bikefest team. Prior to them, the Llangollen pavilion site had a history of hosting a variety of other independent motorcycle shows since 2009. The festival grew bigger and bigger with each successive year, and this year it promises to be no different.

Dated to happen on the 4th and 5th of August, the 2018 edition promises to be not just an engaging and adrenaline-filled phenomenon for the biker-heads but also a family-friendly event with something for everyone, including art and music lovers.

What’s on for this Year

    RIDE Cymru and RIDE Capitals - The foundation organises numerous bike rides and rallies for charity which consists of over 1000 mile treks across the borders of Wales, and tours across the various capital cities in the United Kingdom. The RIDE rallies will be making a comeback this year in order to raise capital for the MacMillan Cancer Support.

    Motorcycle sculpture exhibition - Mind-bending sculptures composed of motorcycle parts and other exotic materials will be on the display at the 2018 edition of Llangollen motorcycle festival. Crafted by the British Ironwork Centre, near Oswestry, the exhibition will feature a wide range of art pieces such as stone crafted bikes, hybrids of bikes and sculptures, and other crazy combinations of stone, art and machine.

    Llangollen bike fest trophies- Each year, numerous trophies are awarded to entries in various categories such as superbikes, cruisers, café racers, sports bikes, dirt bikes, classics, hybrids and vintage models. The categories of this year’s trophies will be announced soon and will be presented by none other than the legendary John McGuinness.

    Test rides for the new Suzuki- The 2018 edition will offer an exclusive opportunity to the festival goers to try out two brand new Suzuki models. The SV650X and the GSX-S1000 will be available for everyone to take out for a test drive. The SV650X is inspired from the typical café racer design whereas the GSX has a super naked design. The test-rides can either be pre-booked or can be purchased at the festival on a first-come-first-serve basis. Test riders need to bring their drivers license, DVLA code and their own riding gear and apparel.

    Music Shows and Concerts - While the entire line-up for the festival is yet to be revealed, it has been confirmed that the entirety of both the weekends will be continuously filled with live music. Some of the musicians that have been revealed are Captain Zed, The MABS, the Ready Eddies and Naked, covering everything from traditional rock to good-old-folk.

    The Saturday evening party which starts at 6pm is completely free (including free beers!), and goes on up until 10pm.

    Stunt show by SAVAGE SKILLS - SAVAGE SKILLS are the UK’s leading freestyle bike stunt group. They will be performing some insane mind-blowing flips and jumps during the 2018 edition of this festival. With 8 world titles and around 25 national titles, their show is one of the biggest crowd-pullers of the event.

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