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MCE British Superbike Championship

The MCE British Superbike Championship will be held over three days- from 4 - 6 August, 2017. It looks good on television and incredible on the ground. Read on to find out more about this event.

The MCE British Superbike Championship will be held over three days- from 4 - 6 August, 2017. It looks good on television and incredible on the ground. Bikes roar past you at nearly 200mph. The three days will be packed with action.

The MCE British Superbike Championship offers two-wheel action at super high speeds with a complete race support. The event is saturated with three days of thrilling track action.


    Children under the age of 15 and if accompanied by an adult get free admittance to the paddock and the circuit. A maximum of five children will be allowed per adult. The adult must be a responsible person. Children under five years of age will be allowed to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. They can be admitted sans of any charges. However, in case of pre-allocated seats, every seat must be paid, regardless of age.

    Tickets can be bought online or at the venue. Ticket prices range from £3 to £39.

    Winning a Pillion Ride

      A lucky Advance Weekender or an Advance Race Dayer will win a coveted pillion ride on the BSB Race Day around the fastest race circuit in the UK. To enter, you simply have to purchase a ticket.

      Circuit Map and Length

        The Thruxton circuit is considered the fastest in the UK. Its high-speed corners are the stuff of legends. Real drivers sweat it out on this circuit. The Thruxton is also one of biggest at 2.4 miles for every lap.

        Thruxton Radio

          A radio commentary is offered by the 'Radio Thruxton' channel during race days. To access the channel, you will have to dial on to band1602 Medium Wave. You can hear and see the races from the Goodwood Restaurant and Bar. It is positioned at the circuit's centre, near the paddock areas. The facility can be enjoyed on all the motor sport event days. It is also open during a few meetings.


            There are 10 distinct suites available for hire during race days. These suites are positioned adjacent to start or finish straight, directly opposite to the race control tower. Four single suites and six double suites can be taken.

            Each double suite offers seating for about 20 guests, and around 40 guests can stand. Each of the single suites offers seating for around 10 guests or 20 guests standing.

            Garden furniture is available. They can be used on the grass and paved areas located in front of the suites. The Thruxton suite is an ideal venue for private dining or board meetings and comes with a private bar.


              Corporate clients arrive from all over the globe to enjoy international standard racing. The facilities complement the excitement and the pleasure of on-track activities.

              In Thruxton and Goodwood Suites - the two permanent restaurants, catering can be done up to a maximum of 130 people. The Jackaroo restaurant is positioned underneath the control tower. The Jackaroo restaurant is open all days between nine in the morning to five in the evening.

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