National BikeSafe Show

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The National BikeSafe Show is scheduled to be held on July 16. It is essentially a motorcycle project run by the police. The principal aim is to reduce bike related accidents on the roads. The police believes that riding should be a fun activity. Only by improving skills, hazard awareness and knowledge can riding be made much more enjoyable. Workshops held by the BikeSafe team explores the main riding hazards which bikers face. The workshops will deliver observed rides and theory presentations. A workshop will help any rider to discover the strengths and weaknesses of that rider. You will also know how to extract the most fun from your bike. Riders must continue to practice all the year around so that they perfect the craft of safe riding. Why BikeSafe The data collected from UK Department of Transport says it all: about 6,149 motorcyclists died due to accidents in 2008. Introduction of safety measures led to a marginal fall in deaths: 5,328 in 2012.  An audit commission published a report which showed that the NHS was damaged by £340 million due to road casualties. The British economy bled eight million pounds due to bad riding by the riders. These figures are high by any standards. It is apparent that communities bear the financial burden of accidents and consequent injuries. It is time for the riders to take their own responsibility when it comes to safety. Training must be done repeatedly until the casualty figures drop so low that they become negligible. One of the multiple aims of BikeSafe is to improve the attitude of the rider and riding behavior so that incidence of accidents are reduced. National Bike Safe It must be said that the BikeSafe event is not concerned about making profits. The police services and its partners actually invest a lot more than what they get in return. When local subsidies are added, it is seen that the program actually becomes free to the riders. The BikeSafe team partners other emergency services which helps in delivery of workshops and if feasible, augment them with specialist input like Northwest Ambulance First Bike. The latter provides first aid course on motorbikes which arrive first on the accident scene. The road safety professionals hailing from the local councils help in administrating and delivery of BikeSafe courses so that every council has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to tap into. The National BikeSafe Show is an excellent even which binds together the best of national level BikeSafe show and track experience with Northampton Fire and Rescue Service and Northamptonshire Police. The aim is to raise the awareness of improving the motorcycle skills, on the same time of delivering track experience. In 2017, the National BikeSafe Show is merging with 'Open Roads' which highlights the other road users and their respective vulnerabilities. The highlights of the show include CSS track experience, Motogymkhana, Emergency Service demonstrations, Police observed rides and a number of various taster sessions. It will be a fun day for families, and both for drivers and non-drivers.