Prescott Bike Festival

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The Prescott Bike Festival takes place every year in the Prescott Hill Climb, one of the oldest and historical race tracks in the world. The venue is the home of the Bugatti Owner’s club. The festival is held to raise awareness and money for The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes and Seven Freewheelers, also known as Blood Bikes. The Blood Bikes provides free courier service for medical essentials. They use emergency response vehicles between National Health Services Facilities. It started in 2010 and it is a unique festival that truly celebrates the best of 2 and 3 wheels. A great day out for families and bike enthusiasts, the festival offers camping, live music, food and drinks and more. There are no age restrictions for this festival, allowing people of all ages to soak in the festivities and enjoy what the festival has to offer.  There are dealer zones, demo areas, motorcycle clubs, and passenger ride experiences to make it a fun experience throughout the day. Prescott Speed Hill Climb The famous Prescott Hill Climb provides exciting and challenging rides for the riders who take part in the title Star of the Show. The event is open to everyone. There are 4 events that take place over the course of 2 days. There is the normal Run the Hill climb and Run the Hill Pillion that takes place on both days. The first day is restricted to exhibitors and Run the Hill weekend ticket holders only. Paddock Specials Paddock Specials is one of the reasons why the festival is popular. Historic, modern, and race bikes are given the opportunity to be featured in the festival. It gives everyone the opportunity to get close to the bikes. The bikes on display aren’t just showpieces, they are also taken up the hill. 100 entries are invited every year after careful selection by the selection committee. Also, 20 entries from the Run the Hill list are also selected. These bikes are the pinnacle of engineering excellence. It also has a Show ‘n’ Tell area that features the bikes and their riders. Stunt show The On the Edge Trials Stunt Team displays their unbelievable skills during the Prescott Bike Festival. They showcase their freestyle tricks, 15-ft jumps over walls, drop-offs which are mind blowing, and much more. They perform against a musical backdrop that increases the tension as they perform their tricks. Guest appearances Over the course of years of the event, many celebrities have gotten featured in the festival, lighting up the show every time. For the year 2017, the guest list features Zoe Cano, Nick Sanders, Nathan Milward, and Supermoto legend Chris Hodgson. The festival also has free parking, free helmet park, and free motorcycle side stand puck. There is also a party in the clubhouse. The reasons to visit the festival are countless and it will always be considered as a day well spent. With Darth Vader also making an appearance, there is yet another reason for not missing the annual festival.