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Rugby Bikefest 2018

Taking place in the Rugby Town Centre on 20th May 2018, the Rugby Bikefest is back with a bang. Read on to find out more about this event.

Taking place in the Rugby Town Centre on 20th May 2018, the Rugby Bikefest is back with a bang. Organised by Rugby Borough Council and Rugby First, along with local organisations, businesses, and motorbiking groups, the fest is a great day for your entire family to have fun.

There will more than 40 displays and stalls during the day of the festival, offering a myriad of biking clothing and goods. Rugby Sports Personality of the Year and Champion of the British Grass Track, Mark Cossar will also be at the fest.

Make sure you visit the event on an empty stomach as there are loads of mouth-watering foods for you to get stuck into. You can visit the nearby restaurants, cafes, and pubs, to get a taste of the local flavour.

Bring your family to the festival as it has plenty of activities, such as a funfair, games for children, model bike racing, bouncing castles, and face painting.

Here are some of the events that will take place during the festival:

    The Extreme Wheelie Machine: Paying a visit to the “Extreme Wheelie Machine” during the fest is a must as it offers a unique experience. It comes with virtual reality and motorcycle simulator, which takes the experience to a whole new level. Whether you wanted more information on how to control a wheelie or how to perform one, the “Extreme Wheelie Machine” is the best opportunity.

    Helmet Park: The Helmet Park, located near St. Andrew’s Church is open again to all those who visit this event. Open from 10 am till 3:45 pm, the Christian Motorcycle Association will be hosting the event. The event will cost you £1, while you have to pay 50 pence for all the other equipment. Keep in mind that St. Andrew’s Church will receive the proceeds from this event.

    Moto Gymkhana: If you want to have a lot of fun during the festival, make sure you visit the Moto Gymkhana. It is a technical and high energy motorbike sport. It requires a lot of control over handling and speed, as you navigate the motorbike around a series of obstacles placed on a course.

    Music programme: The organisers of the fest want to make sure that you have a great time the entire day. As a result, the organisers have a huge line up of local bands to perform at Mister Robinson’s, Caldecott Park, and Market Place. 8 Ball Joe, Jellyheads, Stupid Boots, The Rooters, Massive Happy, and The Invisible Friends are some of the bands at the festival.

    Ride-in: Another great event is the “Ride-in” which features numerous motorbikes. The machines will be going around the town centre while ensuring you get to hear the sweet sounds of all the motorbikes. As the “Ride-in” will start at 10 am, be sure to arrive early at the festival. Also, you should know that the motorbikes will do a circuit around the town centre before the riders park the bikes. Due to this reason, make sure you pay attention to the stewards.


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