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Are you looking for Sinnis Blade 125 on finance? Read on for our review.

The Sinnis Blade 125 is a classic racer bike that can easily swerve and nip in and out of difficult situations. It’s the perfect bike to get you out of traffic and other congested areas that might slow you down. It has a motocross rear end, protected 40mm forks - convenient for long-distance travel, greater clearances, a 21-inch stainless or alloy front wheel, and trail tyres that come with the 18 inch rear wheel. It’s an upgrade from the 2014 blade and comes with LED lamps and indicators along with new and improved graphics.

Riders can ride the Sinnis Blade 125 anywhere, from train station commutes to trails. This bike will surely bring you victory and satisfaction, no matter your journey. It comes in three colours – black, white, and blue - all excellent colours for this off-road or dirt-bike motorbike.

Here are a few key features of the Sinnis Blade 125:

  • Carburettor fuel system
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • 4-stroke, single cylinder engine type
  • Displacement of 124cc
  • Air cooling system
  • Chain transmission
  • 40mm telescopic front suspension and coil spring rear suspension
  • Wire spoked wheels
  • Weighs approximately 117 kg so it’s remarkably easy to control.
  • Seat height of 920mm for maximum control over the steering and direction of the bike.
  • Electric starter
  • It’s a bike that stays in your hand but still delivers the exhilaration you only get when riding at high speeds. Each time you sit down for a ride on this bike, you get a sense of satisfaction. Perfect for both high and low speeds; - this bike is ideal for beginner and expert riders alike. It’s one of the most cost-effective motorbikes available on the market today. You can use it to go to work or simply get on the open road and forget about all your worries and stress.

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