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Are you looking for Sinnis Terrain finance? Read on to see our review of this motorbike.

Are you looking for Sinnis Terrain 125 finance? Read on to see our review of this motorbike.

The Sinnis Terrain 125 is a bike that revolutionises and redefines the genre of Adventure bikes. It has a 125 cc machine that is practical and capable of going that extra mile. You can ride the Sinnis Terrain on hills, low mountains, and even green lanes.

This motorbike is a tough one that is both reliable and stylish. It is one of the most competent bikes available on the market, and is also very economical because of its EFI system. Its comfort and response to command are truly remarkable. The Sinnis Terrain is guaranteed to provide a pleasurable ride every time.

It comes in two great shades – Rosso Red and Satin Silver. Both are classy choices for this kind of bike. Unleash the adventurer inside you by exploring the city streets and freeways, the mountain ranges, and plains outside the city on this beautiful beast. Not only is it very afforable but is also a great buy for people seeking adventure.

Here are a few key features of the Sinnis Terrain 125:
  • Maximum power of 8.3 kW
  • Air-cooled cooling system with electronic fuel injection
  • Overhead camshaft
  • 5-Speed manual gear box
  • The clutch is hand operated
  • Electric start system
  • Telescopic USD Forks Front Suspension
  • Monoshock rear suspension
  • Comfortable seat height of 800 mm
  • Only weighs 150 kg
  • Fuel capacity of 14 litres

The Sinnis Terrain 125 is a bike overflowing with attitude, and you can ride it anywhere. This bike is agile enough for you to escape the delays caused by traffic. It’s comfortable to ride, easy to handle and reliable on even the most dangerous roads. You can even ride the Sinnis Terrain on L plates.

Most adventure bikes are expensive and not easily accessible. However, the Sinnis Terrain is both cost-effective and easy to get your hands on.

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