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South of England Classic Bike Show and Jumble

If you wish to lay your eyes of these beauties, South of England Classic Bike Show and Jumble is the place to be. Read on to learn more about this event.

Classic Motorcycles are a class apart! Bikes will never be built the same. The bikes of today are technological masterpieces but they are just that, cold tech machines, not the street riders built with soul and love.

Back in the day, motorcycles emulated a persona. They weren’t centred on speed and technical jargon, but pure love of building machines which could perform exceptionally well - even though they were hand-crafted - oozed out. If you wish to lay your eyes of these beauties, South of England Classic Bike Show and Jumble is the place to be.


    The main highlight, apart from the show of pre-1980 bikes, is the guest of honour Dave Degens. Yes, you read it right, it’s the same legendary two-time winner of the Barcelona 24-hour challenge, and the Triton builder. Participants of the show get a chance to attend a meet and greet with Dave and his Bike Clinic at the venue. He will graciously participate in the question and answer session and reminisce on his past experiences. There may also be a Fire-Up paddock.

    If this is your first classic show in this venue, be prepared for the overwhelming space it has to offer. The venue is a massive 5-hall indoor space packed with classic motorcycles for display before 1980s. No auto show is complete without club stalls. There are stalls which deal with everything from old bike spares to clothing and accessories. Also, the Royal British Legion will provide Helmet Park in the aid of RBL in Stockman’s Building.

    Entertainment and Food

      Those who are interested in hosting a stall at the Classic show can do so by getting in touch with the organizers. Apart from getting an eye-full of all the classic bikes, there are endless garage sales to pick through. You never know the treasures you will find at these sales.

      Food options are aplenty, previous events here featured Italian smokerie, hog roasts, toasty sandwiches, standalone burgers and coffee stalls.


        The venue of the event is the South of England, Ardingly, West Sussex which is located 8 miles from the M23 junction. Finding the venue will be easy as there are guiding sign posts along the way. Entrance to the classic motor bike show is from the north gate which is opposite to the Gardener’s Arms Pub. Gates open at 10am on Sunday, 2nd of April and the price of admission for adults is £6. For senior citizens over the age of 65, the price is £5, and children under the age of 16 walk in for free. Bring your pet along provided it is well behaved.

        Those who wish to showcase their pre-1980 bike will have to wait for the next show, for the registration closed on the 1st of March. But that shouldn’t stop you from attending and having some fun!

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