Southern Classic Bike Show & Bike Jumble

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The Kempton Park located race course  have seen Kempton Park Motorcycle Autojumbles run Autojumbles over 30 years. These events are known as a few of the best in the UK Autojumble world. Traders and visitors from all over the world attend such events. The list of events include seven one day jumbles all through the year. Two of those events come with a show attached. The month of May witnesses classic bike show. December sees a classic off-road show. Ticket prices for motorcycle Jumble dates come to six pounds. Under 12 years of age children enjoys free entry. Road show and bike show tickets cost seven pounds. Gates open at 9:30 in the morning. If you are an older person, there is no need to walk from the car park to the gate. Senior or equivalent visitors can take advantage of Landrover shuttle services both to the gate and from the gate. This facility is available from nine in the morning to three in the evening. This service is free. Pioneer in the field The Kempton Park AutoJumble company is the first organizer of bike jumbles in UK. A total of seven events are conducted every year. These includes the yearly Southern Classic Bike Show. The latter is held every spring. The event is run by motorcycle enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Eric Patterson is the founder of Kempton Park AutoJumble company. He makes it a point to be present during every event to make sure that everything runs smoothly. His hobby is tinkering old motorcycles. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of British bikes right from 30s manufacture to the 60s throaty metallic beasts. Patterson is well known in the motorcycle world. He has participated in Bonneville USA. His trusted steed is the Viscount motorcycle. He has beaten many a world record in 1000 cc MPS-CG class. His average time was 124.86, thus comfortably beating the 123.26 record set by Harley Davidson. His latest feat was going at at a top speed of 132.508 mph during his first run. In his return trip, he clocked a time of 131.284mph! Takeover by Mortobs Media Group The Mortons Media Group has recently acquired Kempton Park Bike Jumbles and Motorcycle shows. Each of the seven events is a day long affair. They are a pleasurable addition to the already saturated events calendar. The list of other shows include 'Normous Newak AutoJumbles, Telford off-road show and the Stafford classic shows. Excitement is high among Mortons Media personnel. The brand new owner is testing the equipment, and making sure that the transition is a smooth affair. Nothing, however, has changed for visitors, traders and exhibitors. The Mortons Media operates a total of 30 shows along with events all over the UK. The company owns everyone of them. The range of shows begin from caravan and motorhome displays to classic bike shows and off-road motorcycles. More than a million people buy tickets for such shows every year. The company now owns two of the biggest classic motorcycle shows in the world.