The annual Ride To The Wall

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The annual Ride To The Wall event is a motorcycle fundraising event bike ride that is a tribute to the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in order to protect Britain. Thousands of motorcyclists from all over the country will ride to the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) as an organised group to pay their respects. The NMA, which is located in Staffordshire, is the location of The Wall of the Armed Forces Memorial where the names of around 16,000+ service women and men are engraved. The event honours the memory of all the soldiers of Britain who have been killed in active duty since the end of the Second World War Background The Ride To The Wall has been happening on an annual basis for the last decade. The 2016 leg of the ride will take place on October 1st, 2016, and it will be the ninth edition the event. It was founded by Martin Dickinson. The event started in the year 2008 and is based on the principles of respect and remembrance. One of the primary goals of the event is to act as fundraiser for the National Memorial Arboretum and it is reported to have raised a sum 500,000 pounds over the last eight years. The RTTW is a charity The RTTW is a registered charity organisation. The event is organised entirely by RTTW volunteers and is not affiliated with any politicians or corporations.  The RTTW is not connected to the military either and neither is it an exclusive motorcycle club. It is open to all motorcyclists. The executive committee of the RTTW is comprised of a small group of individuals who organise the event on a yearly basis. The RTTW is staffed by unpaid volunteers who devote their personal resources and time to the charity. The RTTW charges a registration fee of 10 pounds for all the riders who want to be a part of the event. The proceeds from this go to the charity. The RTTW also raises funds by selling merchandise. Most of the funds derived from these profits are given to the Arboretum, while the RTTW keeps a small amount to help meet its expenses. Popularity The RTTW is estimated to have attracted about 20,000 bikers last year. In its first year, the organisers expected 200 people to show up but the turnout was 2,000. The popularity of the event grows on a yearly basis and organisers are hoping that the turnout this year exceeds last year's turnout. In 2015, a volunteer of RTTW was invited to the House of Commons by the NMA and felicitated for being the single largest donor to the Arboretum. Happenings such as these are only going to increase the popularity of the annual event and result in the NMA receiving a greater amount of donations. Motorcycle News featured the RTTW in 2016, helping the event to reach a wider audience than ever before. About 7,000 people have registered for the 2016 event, but the organisers expect a much bigger turnout to help promote their cause.