The Ride to Work week 2017

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The Ride to Work week is an annual event that was initiated by the Motorcycle Industry Association to raise awareness among the general public of the benefits of commuting to the workplace by a two-wheeler. In 2017, the event will be start on the 19th of June and will go on until the 25th of June. 19th June also happens to be the International Ride to Work Day. The event is also held in other nations such as Germany, Australia, Turkey, France, and Argentina. Who is the event organised for? The Ride to Work event is organised for the benefit of all those who spend an insane amount of time stuck in traffic on a daily basis and the motorcycle industry. If you have a motorcycle or scooter lying that around unused, the event is designed to encourage you to start using it as a commuter vehicle. Also, the event is meant for the riders who seek to share their experiences of how great traveling by scooter or motorcycle is. How is the event organized? Due to the nature of the event, it cannot be held at any singular location. Instead, on the Ride to Work week website, there is a section known as ‘city challenge’  that encourages commuters across cities to travel from A to B on a motorcycle as it displays that in nearly all instances, motorbikes are faster than cars, cycles, and public modes of transport. The event is designed to declutter the road on some of the UK’s busiest cities such as Leicester, Brighton, London, Leeds, Manchester, and Bristol. Via the city challenge section, we can see that the motorcycle is the fastest way to get around busy cities and reduce the amount of time one spends in traffic. Why should you take part in the event? There are several reasons as to why you need to travel to work via a two-wheeler unless it is absolutely impossible to do so. Commuting via a two-wheeler saves time as you spend lesser time stuck on the road. You can use this time to spend more time with your family, at work, or do anything else that you want. You can catch up on some extra beauty sleep! Travelling via a two-wheeler also reduces the hassle of parking as it is far easier to find parking for a vehicle much smaller than a normal car. In addition, purchasing and maintaining a bike is far cheaper than buying and maintaining a car. You can easily buy a cheap bike for the cost of a football season ticket. The firm Transport & Mobility Leuven has conducted research that found that road congestion would decrease by a massive 40% if just 10% of all drivers swapped to a two-wheeler. This study was modelled on an analysis on one of the most congested traffic routes in Belgium, and while the numbers may vary, it is clear that shifting to motorcycles and scooters will reduce your travel time and decrease road congestion significantly.