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Are you looking for Renegade Commando finance? Read on to see our review of this motorbike.

Are you looking for Renegade Commando finance? Read on to see our review of this motorbike.

The UM Renegade Commando 125 is one of the classiest motorbikes you can buy in the current motorcycle market. It is beautifully styled and gives off a retro feel every time you take a seat to begin your journey. Every journey is overflowing with excitement and a sense of freedom that is very difficult to find.

With the army-style look and precision this bike will never disappoint its rider. The liquid-cooled cooling system and 4-stroke engine’s hum combined with the crunch of the gravel beneath the chunky 140 mm rear tyre will definitely give you goosebumps every time you embark on a journey.

Find your sense of adventure and explore the adrenaline junkie hidden inside you with this spectacular UM Renegade Commando 125. It has a fuel capacity of 18 litres which lets you ride in comfort without constantly worrying about the remaining fuel. It has a maximum km/h of 100 kph, a maximum power of 9 kW at 9500 rpm, and a maximum torque of 10 Nm at 8000 rpm.

Here are a few key features of the UM Renegade Commando 125:
  • Single-cylinder engine type
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Liquid-cooled cooling system
  • Displacement of 125 cc
  • Hand operated clutch
  • Electric start-up
  • CDI ignition
  • A compression ratio of 11:1
  • Hydraulic disc front and rear brakes
  • Telescopic forks for front suspension
  • Twin shock absorber for rear suspension
  • Weight is around 153 kg

Feel the hum of the UM Renegade Commando 125 as you ride it on the freeway. The feeling of the open road ahead of you increases by the swift wind blowing in your face. Experience this feeling when you opt for the UM Renegade Commando 125, a sense of unending adventure and untapped possibilities ahead of you.

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