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Unwanted MCC's Christmas Party

If you’re in the mood for some light and hearty fun, you should head to Unwanted MCC’s Christmas Party. Read on to check out this event.

If you’re in the mood for some light and hearty fun, you should head to Unwanted MCC’s Christmas Party which is happening on December 15th.

The party will begin at 4 pm and go on till 12 pm.

Ticket and contact information: Tickets are priced at a reasonable £5 each and are available for purchase from The Rockbar or by post. You can also pay via PayPal -

Do note that the tickets are electronic tickets; no tickets are available by post. For any queries, please email

The website can be found by pointing your browser at

What’s going down at the Christmas Party? Terrific bands such as "STAGEFRIGHT" and "BOOZE BROTHERS" will rock the floor till late at night. It is optional and encouraged to wear your best festive fancy dress and there will be tasty bar food available. In addition to lip-smacking bar food, there will also be free camping. There are also disabled friendly fields and loos available as well as a raffle.

Unwanted MCC is based in the heart of the Midlands and is a family friendly bike club for bikers who are passionate about riding their machines. Parties are held regularly at the Rockbar. If you have even a passing interest in motorcycles, you are welcome to come to the Rockbar and get your hands dirty.

Unwanted MCC’s main aim is to have a good time while doing their bit to raise money for different causes. Their doors are always open regardless of if you’re a member or a non-member. Everyone is welcome to drop by to see what Unwanted MCC is all about and what they do.

It’s About the Bikes

    While speaking about Unwanted MCC's noble pursuits and their fantastic parties, it is easy to forget that Unwanted MCC is a bike club. The Unwanted Motorcycle Club was born in 2000 and was formed by seven people. The founding members were Tango, Ruth, Pete, Linda, Wiff, Billy & Ceri.

    As the years have gone by, Unwanted MCC has picked up many new members and covered a lot of miles. The team at Unwanted MCC have been avid supporters of The Air Ambulance, Royal British Legion & Help for Heroes. The club is affiliated to the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) and the National Association of Bikers with Disabilities (NABD). Aside from the Christmas party, there are many other events held throughout the year such as a Toy Run to Fountains Special Needs School in Stretton.

    Apart from the Toy Run, Unwanted MCC hosts a Bike, Trike & Custom Show on the weekends and a Cock Out Rally. They also host plenty of other parties throughout the year. If you’re the type of bloke or lass who’d like to make fast friends with people who support noble causes while having a great time doing it, you should head on down to Unwanted MCC’s Christmas Party. Brownie points if you love all things on two-wheels.

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