What are the best touring motorcycles on the market today?

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Riding a motorbike isn't just about speed, performance and the thrill of the wind blowing through your hair and flies meeting their maker in your teeth - it's also about the enrichment of the soul, the relaxation of the spirit and that sense of being exposed to the elements. In short, it's about so many of the things that a great touring motorcycle can give you. But what are the best touring motorcycles on the market right now? Here are a few that we are only too glad to recommend. BMW R1200RT (2014-) This partially water-cooled Beemer may have been subject to a recall glitch in 2014, but that shouldn't overshadow the sophisticated qualities of what might just be the German manufacturer's best bike, full stop. Its lightness and agility belie its size, while the new engine gives it the performance boost that it needed to rival the Triumph Trophy. Triumph Trophy 1200 SE (2012-) The Triumph is widely seen as the best touring bike out there, even if that honour is based on it being generally strong in a wide range of areas rather than absolutely exceptional in one or two. Still, if you are looking for a tourer that scores highly for its powerchain, comfort, handling and all-round technological sophistication - to name just a few things - you really couldn't better the Trophy. Kawasaki GTR1400 (2010-) It may have the appearance of a more hardcore enduro bike, but the GTR has won plaudits for its soft power, modest running costs and easy-to-handle chassis. It has always been a comfortable bike, and in recent times has become that bit safer, thanks to new ABS and traction control. As a matter of fact, the new traction control is surely the most advanced that a road bike can currently offer. Honda ST1300 Pan European (2002-) Surely ranking among the very best touring motorcycles currently on sale, the ST1300 Pan European scores highly in pretty much every area. It's refined, comfortable, powerful and well-built, making as it as brilliant on the daily commute as it is for munching the miles. Touring bikes simply don't come much better than this extremely well-rounded Honda. Moto-Guzzi California 1400 SE (2015-) In 2013, Guzzi introduced the California 1400 Touring, which attracted kudos as possibly the manufacturer's best bike. Now, it has been upgraded and slightly modified without any uptick in price, making what was already a fine touring motorcycle even better. Have you got your eye on a much longed-for tourer? Here at Superbikeloans.co.uk, we can help make your dream of a brand spanking new touring motorcycle come true.